About GS1 Iran Startup Competition

Creating jobs and purposefully engaging dynamic youth talent in our country, seems impossible except by support and reinforcement of the entrepreneurial attitude and by benefiting from the capacities of the knowledge-based economy. In the current situation of our country, Internet businesses (startups) have been able to move along to facilitate the tasks of some parts of society by having an applied vision to technology, and also to play an important role in reducing economic problems by benefiting the capacities of the country’s specialist forces. The world of technology and startups is on the rise and progressing, and mindful ideas can be considered on this advancement according to everyday issues of the community. The pace of change and formation of the emerging business environment is taking place all over the world, and the growth of startups has not fallen behind in this competition in Iran.

Protecting the creative ideas and minds of this country and accompanying them in order to be capable in the market, in addition to utilizing trained talents, will help the employment growth for the community and help resolving one of the fundamental challenges of today’s society in Iran. Therefore, the National Center for Iranian Goods and Services, known as GS1 Iran, along with the Iranian E-Commerce Scientific Association, is considering to hold the first GS1 startup (suppliers / partners) and the idea and business owners Event, by its own capabilities and international communications. This event would be take place at the International Conference Hall of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting from 27th to 30th of April.

This event will be hold and carried out on an international scale, which in addition to forming a conference environment and announcing of the capabilities of our country, it will provide a platform for the protection of creative ideas and business owners at global level and allow for the technological development of our country.

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